Ocean Eyes is a generic name of a group of technologies developed with the aim of realizing sustainable ocean utilization by utilizing state-of-the-art information technology such as pattern recognition and data assimilation technology. This is used as the name of the company now. We combine sea water temperature data of satellite with fishing boat operation data to estimate the fishing ground and combine the data measured by sensors mounted on the fishing boat and wide area forecasting technology based on the ocean physics model to estimate the sea condition near the fishing boat. We are developing on-demand forecasting technology such as OnSpot forecasting technology.

RECCA: Origin of Ocean Eyes

The origin of Ocean Eyes is in “Research Program on Climate Change Adaptation (RECCA)” which began in 2010. At RECCA, JAMSTEC, Aomori Prefecture Industrial Technology Center, Fisheries Research Institute, Fisheries Research Agency, Kyoto Univ. and Hokkaido Univ. set up research teams. The team have developed technologies for estimating the variation of fishery ground and fisheries resources of aquatica due to global warming. We also have developed technology for providing necessary information of adapting measures. The results are currently being offered to fishermen in Aomori Prefecture.

RECCA “Innovation and practical use of forecasting technology for fishery resources and ocean conditions due to climate change”

At this time Ocean Eyes uses artificial intelligence, especially the technology of the deep learning, but at that time it was a machine forestry random forest and SVM prosperity, before the neural network became popular yet. In Ocean Eyes, research is continuing before the current third AI boom starts.

CREST : Sustainable Fishery × Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Since 2016 after the end of the RECCA project, the proposal of sustainable fisheries, mainly JAMSTEC and Kyoto University, was adopted as one of the themes of the artificial intelligence domain of the CREST funding program ​​of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

In CREST, with the vision of the realization of sustainable fishery, we comprehensibly conserve resources and economics, analyze various kinds of big data on marine weather and fishery acquired in fishery activities by artificial intelligence technology, and develop technology for providing information to fishermen and municipalities. From the marine / fishery big data, we develop technologies for high-precision ocean weather forecasting and techniques to find good fishing grounds, and by providing the information obtained there to business users, administrators and marine industries.

CREST 「サステイナブル漁業に向けたデータ指向型リアルタイム解析基盤の開発」